Thursday, 22 September 2011

Presentation Feedback

We were put into small groups and we each had to present to the rest of the group in turn. At the end the group filled up a feedback sheet to help us with the direction we needed to take and what was missing from our presentaitons
Below is the feedback I got;

What else is interesting about their good that hasn't been mentioned?

  • Advertising
  • Who and why people chose the models of iPods they do?
  • Every one has one?
  • Easy to recognise - most wanted item
  • Secrets - whats hidden on an ipod e.g. guilty pleasures

Is there a flaw in the argument? What do you disagree with and why?

  • Was it actually Apples original idea
  • Illegal downloads

What processes, scenarios, or contexts might improve the potential impact of the concept?

  • How music has changed lives
  • Surveys on who buys and who downloads music illegally

How else might the concept be creatively improved? Any other comments?

  • Look at how they are made
  • Technical advances for the future
  • Can personalise to suit ones self
  • What other products are designed around the iPod?

What is Good - Presentation

Monday, 19 September 2011

OBJECT - Ipod - The different between ipod and mp3

An iPod is really just a brand of MP3 Player, with some exclusive differences. Read on to lean more about MP3 Player Vs iPod.

PMP devices, which is short for portable music player, is a term used to describe any digital portable music player that allows you to download or save digital music files (in MP3 format) from your computer or notebook to play on a PMP.
The category of PMP devices have all but replaced the larger Walkmans and portable CD players, not only due to their much smaller size but because you can store hundreds or thousands of songs on them.
Today, digital music players devices come in all shapes and sizes. As if we didn't have enough terminology in this category of devices already, here is another acronym for you — some PMP devices, like MP3 players, are also called DAPs, short for digital audio players.

What is an MP3 Player?

An MP3 player is a type of digital audio player that falls under the broader category of PMP devices. It is a small — often weighing less than an ounce — handheld device that use flash memory for storing MP3 files.
In addition to supporting the MP3 audio file format an MP3 player might also support additional file types such as Windows Media Audio (WMA), Waveform Audio (WAV), Music Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI), Advanced Audio Coding (AAC), Ogg Vorbis and other audio formats.
An MP3 player is basically a storage device that contains solid-state memory, likeflash memory, and software that will let you transfer audio files from your computer to the player. MP3 players may also include features such as playlists, radio or Web site streaming, and basic options like being able to choose backlight color, and equalization options. MP3 players most commonly use the USB port on your computer for data transfer however some may plug into the computer's FireWire or parallel port.
Once you transfer the music files to the player they are stored in the player's memory. To transfer music from your hard drive using a basic Mp3 Player is often as simple as copy the files to the player. Most MP3 players are battery-powered and may also come with an AC Adapter for charging. Others may be charged by plugging it in to a USB port on your computer.
Today there are also a host of other consumer devices which have an embedded MP3 player. Some examples include satellite radios, smart phones, PDAs, sunglasses, and even MP3 watches.

How is an MP3 Player Different from an iPod?

The big question then is what's the difference between an iPod and an MP3 player? The answer to that questions is that both are MP3 players, but the iPod is a specific brand of MP3 player, made by Apple that has a specific set of features and design. Since the release of the Apple iPod in 2001,  under the iPod brand Apple has released many variations of its product such as the iPod classic, iPod Touch, iPod Shuffle, iPod Mini, iPod Nano, iPod Touch, and several spin-off devices such as the iPod Photo.
Unlike most mass market MP3 players, the iPods use the Apple iTunes software to transfer music to the music devices. Using iTunes you can store a music library on your computer, burn  music from CD, transfer photos, videos, game and small applications (when supported by the player) and many other features. There are open source alternatives available to iPod users who do not want (or who cannot) run the iTunes software.
In 2007 industry statistics show that the iPod has sold more than 110 million units worldwide. This makes the iPod the best-selling product in the history of digital audio players.

OBJECT - Ipod - Quotes/Opinions

The iPod completely changed the way people approach music.
Karl Lagerfeld 

I don't have an iPod.
Mary Timony 

Pod has helped millions of people around the world rekindle their passion for music, and we're thrilled to be a part of that.
Steve Jobs, Apple CEO

My children - in many dimensions they're as poorly behaved as many other children, but at least on this dimension I've got my kids brainwashed: You don't use Google, and you don't use an iPod.
Steve Ballmer, American businessman

Without the iPod, the digital music age would have been defined by files and folders instead of songs and albums. Though the medium of music has changed, the iPod experience has kept the spirit of what it means to be a music lover alive.
John Mayer, singer-songwriter

It's so slim Kate Moss uses it to cut her cocaine. (referring to the ipod nano)
Bill Maher

The most common format of music on an iPod is "stolen.".
Steve Ballmer, American businessman

I wouldn't have an iPod, because it's something about the laziness that I don't like. I don't like having it that available.
Peter Hook, English musician

I've been looking at the iPod- the Apple iPod. One of the interesting things about the iPod, one of the things that people love most about it is not the technology; it's the box it comes in.
Donald Norman, American educator

I take my running shoes and my iPod with me everywhere. I listen to music when I run. Having my music with me is really motivating.
Lance Armstrong, seven-time Tour de France champion

In my hand luggage I always have my camera, iPod, make-up bag, tooth brush, cleansing products, clean underwear, socks and a change of clothes in case anything goes missing at the other end - and of course my passport.
Lisa Snowdon, English model

It's hard to remember what I did before the iPod. iPod is more than just a music player, it's an extension of your personality and a great way to take your favorite music with you everywhere you go.
Mary J. Blige, GRAMMY Award-winning singer

OBJECT - Ipod - Quotes/Opinions

When I asked people to list a few words that they felt the iPod represented this is what was said;

most important
best invenson
aesthetically pleasing
clever advertising

OBJECT - Ipod, It's Success - Number sold to date

DEC 2001 - 125,000
JAN 2003 - 600,000
JAN 2004 - 2 MILLION
MAY 2004 - 3 MILLION
AUG 2004 - 3.7 MILLION
OCT 2004 - 6 MILLION
DEC 2004 - 10 MILLION
MAR 2005 - 15 MILLION
NOV 2005 - 30 MILLION
JAN 2006 - 42 MILLION
APRIL 2007 - 100 MILLION
SEPT 2007 - 110 MILLION
OCT 2007 - 120 MILLION
APR 2008 - 152 MILLION
SEPT 2009 - 220 MILLION
SEPT 2010 - 275 MILLION
JAN 2011 - 304 MILLION

OBJECT - Ipod, It's Success - Article 3